Space Incubator

Support for start-up companies and Small, Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) new to the space sector. The companies supported will become part of our Space Cluster.

Support package

A business review, including market assessment and business diagnostic
Signposting and introductions to appropriate sources of support and expertise, local and national
Support to access local and national networks
Affordable accommodation or virtual tenancy in the Advanced Technology Innovation Centre (ATIC) on LUSEP

in partnership with

Space Cluster companies will benefit from being part of a thriving community of growing companies.

The space sector includes a wide range of businesses, for example:

Provision of applications and services using satellite data such as:
geographical information
meteorological information
location and navigation (GPS)
precise timing

These applications and services may support a variety of sectors including agriculture, transport and logistics, retail, financial services, energy, assisted living…

Precision engineering, design, and manufacturing of products and services such as:
payload (satellites, sensors, experiments)
launch vehicles
ground control systems

Space/Space enabled companies and expertise