Advanced manufacturing

Driving innovation in manufacturing for regenerative medicine, telecommunications, embedded integrated intelligent systems, sustainable manufacture.


Rolls-Royce partnership

Loughborough University has worked with Rolls-Royce to develop advanced aviation technologies – improving engine efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. The partnership has led to the creation of a global open-access centre of excellence to deliver low-emissions technology, secure that technology in the UK and sustain the critical pipeline of engineering talent for the future, ultimately addressing the challenge of meeting the 2050 net zero target.


High Speed Sintering

High-Speed Sintering (HSS) - invented at and patented by Loughborough University - is the original 3D-printing process to enable low-cost, high-volume, mass manufacture of complex and customisable parts, that competes economically with injection moulding. Since 2016, the subsequent global rollout of the HSS processes, under license to multiple companies has revolutionised the mass manufacture of polymer parts and is accelerating the shift towards digital manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing

Expertise & specialist facilities

With strengths including collaborative robotics and intelligent autonomous systems, and sustainable manufacturing Loughborough University’s high-performance environment provides the expertise, facilities and support to enable businesses in the advanced manufacturing sector to achieve excellence.


Transforming microbiological contamination monitoring

Figura Analytics’ non-destructive, real-time screening of biological and foreign body contamination within minutes is adopted in the drinks manufacturing sector and is a platform technology for other sectors including healthcare.

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