Transport technology

Long-established collaborations in propulsion and powertrain development for aeronautical and automotive, also spans low carbon, intelligent mobility, human factors.


Rolls-Royce partnership

Loughborough University has worked with Rolls-Royce to develop advanced aviation technologies – improving engine efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. The partnership has led to the creation of a global open-access centre of excellence to deliver low-emissions technology, secure that technology in the UK and sustain the critical pipeline of engineering talent for the future, ultimately addressing the challenge of meeting the 2050 net zero target.


Enhancing product development

Loughborough University’s multi-disciplinary digital engineering research – spanning modelling and simulation, validation, and calibration methods – has delivered major cost and time savings, improved engineering processes and products, and made significant reductions in CO2 emissions in the automotive and motorsport sectors.


Expertise & specialist facilities

Loughborough University is internationally renowned for its strong industry partnerships and the breadth and quality of its multidisciplinary expertise, from propulsion through to human factors and infrastructure, applied across multi transport modes. It works closely with OEMs, suppliers, and smaller companies.


Reducing HGV blind spots

Loughborough University research findings and recommendations were used to successfully lobby the European Parliament for a change to HGV design standards to enhance driver field of vision which will be adopted across the EU from 2024.

Transport technology organisations and activities at LUSEP